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  • Physiotherapy

  • Rehabilitation

  • Fitness

  • Sports nutritionist

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  • Sports psychology

  • Mental Coaching

  • Conditioning training

She provides comprehensive services in the field of physiotherapy. As part of individual therapy, she reveals the causes of problems, corrects imbalances of the musculoskeletal system, helps in rehabilitation after injuries and operations, and tries to prevent subsequent problems.


She offers massages that help against mental and physical fatigue and support regeneration. Also provides manual lymphatic drainage, which relieves the lymphatic system, which leads to the regeneration of the body, reduction of cellulite and strengthening of immunity. Last but not least, she uses an increasingly popular method of kinesiotaping, such as balance and cross taping, which has a healing effect on painful conditions and acts as a prevention against injuries.




  • Increase in physical condition

  • Health functional training

  • Development of coordination and dynamics

  • Elimination of imbalances

  • Compensatory exercises

  • Reduction of body fat and weight

  • Gaining functional muscle mass

  • General sports training

  • Core workout (deep stabilization system)

  • Stretching and mobility


  • Actively playing sports for 39 years

  • Training children and adults as a trainer and fitness trainer for 8 years

  • Dedicated to personal development as a coach and therapist in companies and sports clubs for 15 years. Both individually and working with a team



"We've got everything we need to be happy in life and make our dreams come true. Whether we achieve this is up to us."


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