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I founded the Football academy because I enjoy working with children and young people. Sport and movement is extremely important for the health of each of us, and my goal is to improve each individual through sport, both in terms of performance and character. I am extremely proud that we are being joined by significant sports capacities.


As a coach, I constantly strive to improve, study and achieve the highest possible education. And I ask the same from our coaching team.


Football and coaching is my dream, it's my life. Improve and advance the individual skills of young players constantly, focus on one touch, learn from mistakes, be constantly confident in 1-on-1 battles, combination speed, take over the ball or be as accurate and successful as possible in the end. All in such a way that players have fun improving their skills, because you have to enjoy football no matter what level you play.


And as my great role model and total football founder Johan Cruyff said, "It's better to fail on the path of your own vision than someone else's." And believe me, if you give our academy a chance, you won't regret it!




  • Individual and groups trainings and services for children from 8 to 17 years associated with football

  • Educatation confident, healthy aggressive footballers strong in 1 on 1 fights with refined technique and a brilliant sense of combining  working at maximum speed.

  • The trainings are focused on technical skills, speed and fun.

  • Technical skills such as ball control, passing and processing, first touch, speed, 1 on 1, perception and decision making, finishing and strength.

  • Excercise with targets on the detail of ball control.

  • Preference of respect, character and athletic performance before victory.

  • Corporate with renowned and successful experts in the sports sector

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Marcelo Bielsa

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Wayne Gretzky

The moments in which I have improved in my

life are closely related to failure.

Let your dream engulf your life, not your life

engulf your dream.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Jurgen Klopp

Pep Guardiola

You play in the rhythm in which you train.

When you train badly, you play badly. When

you train like a beast in training, you will play.

Lyn St. James

You will get to victory in gradual steps,

not in miles.

If football only works great if you win, you should stay home. You have to accept that sometimes

you give up everything and you lose anyway.

Tom Landry

The champion is someone who did not give

up at the time he wanted to give up.

We are happy to answer any questions.


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