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General conditions for training

The general conditions apply to the purchase of football or athletic training


1) By purchasing training sessions, the parent(s) or the child's legal representatives commit to the obligations arising from these general terms and conditions. The subject of the contract between the training operator and the customer (legal representative) is the child's participation in the training.


The customer - the legal representative of the child (hereafter referred to as the legal representative)

Operator - Daniel Novotný, ID: 09536884 - trade mark "DN Football Academy s.r.o." (hereinafter referred to as the operator)


2) A training participant is a person whose stay is supported by a duly completed training application and whose price has been paid in accordance with the operator's instructions. Persons under the age of 18 are represented in the contractual relationship by a person over the age of 18 (legal representative of the child). The legal representative assumes full responsibility for the fulfillment of the agreed contractual conditions. The contractual relationship between the legal representative and the operator is created and becomes effective at the moment of registration and payment of the legal representative's fee on the training application.


3) The training participant is obliged to comply with the residence regulations, the training regime and the instructions of the instructors (trainers). Above all, instructions regarding the safety and health of training participants. The participant is obliged to refrain from behavior that may harm other training participants. In case of unsolved disciplinary problems with the participant, the organizer reserves the right to exclude him from the training and apply the appropriate cancellation fee. The training participant is obliged to save property at the place of stay.


4) The legal representative is obliged to familiarize the child with the given regulations in an appropriate manner before starting the training, in particular with the following points:


Movement of children - Children may not leave the building or premises without the consent of the leading instructors (coaches). During all physical activities, the child is obliged to follow the instructions of the trainers, not to stray from the group. According to the coaches' instructions, children are not allowed to go to certain places without permission.


Coaches' Instructions - Children must respect the coaches' instructions.


Child's health - In case of health problems, the child must report these problems to the coach immediately. It is forbidden to take medicines without the permission of the supervisor (including your own medicines and vitamins).


Basics of polite behavior - Children should use the principles of polite behavior (greeting, request, thank you) and not use dirty words.


5) The management warns that the training participant should not carry expensive electronics, a camera, or other valuables (jewelry, watches). Due to the nature of the events, it cannot be held responsible for any losses. If the participant does not obey this call, "DN Football Academy" is not responsible for the loss of the child's belongings.

6) If a child comes to training unaccompanied by a parent, or leaves training unaccompanied by a parent, "DN Football Academy" does not take responsibility for the child outside the training period.  


7) Price conditions and method of payment: "DN Football Academy" has the right to pay the price of the training sessions on the date specified in the instructions. The provisions of the general instructions on cancellation fees apply to withdrawal from the contract.


8) The legal representative has the right to withdraw from the training reservation at any time before the start of the training. Cancellation of training is done by phone, email or in person and is canceled on the day the report was made. In the case of cancellation of training, failure to attend training, or early termination of training, the cancellation conditions specified in point 9 of these terms and conditions are followed.


9) Amount of the cancellation fee:

- Cancellation 24 hours or more before the start of the training - the customer is entitled to the full price of the training fee

- Cancellation less than 24 hours before the start of training - cancellation in the amount of 100% of the training fee (training is forfeited)

- Termination of training during its course - cancellation of 100% of the training fee (training is forfeited)

10) "DN Football Academy" has the right to add a cancellation fee to the payment of the training price. If the price has not been paid, the legal representative undertakes to pay the cancellation fee based on a call within 14 days at the latest.


11) By registering and accepting the general terms and conditions, the legal representative confirms that he has familiarized himself with the general terms and conditions and agrees with them.


Organizer of football and athletic trainings "DN Football Academy" (represented by Daniel Novotný, ID: 09536884).

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