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DN Football Academy

Use sports to support your child's development and growth.



  • Individual and groups trainings and services for children from 8 to 17 years associated with football

  • Educatation confident, healthy aggressive footballers strong in 1 on 1 fights with refined technique and a brilliant sense of combining  working at maximum speed.

  • The trainings are focused on technical skills, speed and fun.

  • Technical skills such as ball control, passing and processing, first touch, speed, 1 on 1, perception and decision making, finishing and strength.

  • Excercise with targets on the detail of ball control.

  • Preference of respect, character and athletic performance before victory.

  • Corporate with renowned and successful experts in the sports sector

  • Individual training

  • Group training

  • Conditional game training

  • Goalkeeper training

  • Athletic training

  • Physiotherapy

  • Rehabilitation

  • Fitness

  • Conditional training

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Sports psychology


We use modern technologies to improve game performance, systematic planning of the training process and greater training efficiency.

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We have a huge passion for the development of the next generation of football and we look forward to working with you on our continued journey.



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  • Physiotherapy

  • Rehabilitation

  • Fitness

  • Sports nutritionist

  • Sports psychology

  • Mental coaching

  • Conditional training

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Family Šimkova and Viktor

Coach Dan has a fair deal and is a role model for boys from a human point of view. His approach is exemplary in football and training. He has a well-thought-out training and always has a meaningful goal so that the boys improve even in physics, he regularly participates in training and athletics. Boys can talk to him about everything and are not afraid to say their opinion, but he is still a great authority that they respect. If they lose the tournament, they always break down the game and look for mistakes that the boys are trying to improve for the next time. If they win and the goals fall, they can rejoice together. He can praise boys, but also politely reprimand them for their work in training and tournaments. Coach Dan is careful, human, patient and above all he likes football, which he teaches to play his boys well. We wish the coach to keep his commitment and diligence, because for the development of our children, it is not only about football, but also about the healthy mental development of our teenagers. Our Viktor loves football and is always looking forward to training and matches.

Kimberley Bianchini

Dan is a top football coach. He worked one-on-one with our son, who plans to study at a US college and play football this fall. Dan is a professional, extremely detail-oriented, and has helped our son improve his playing on and off the court. If you are looking for a personal football coach, I would highly recommend him and his football academy!

Kamil Vesely

Ever since my son started training for Dan, I have seen in him not only visible progress, but also an overall increase in interest in the sport as such. He is well motivated and wants to improve himself. I've rarely seen that with her before.

Jakub Hereš

Eva Divišová

Jan Cizek

In the summer of 2020, our children were at Dana's residential camp in Vrchlabí. We especially appreciated the family atmosphere and the individual approach of the coaches. The event took place in a nice area with sports facilities. The children like to go again.

Dan trains my son Matěj. I like it, I see in it that he enjoys movement and football and especially great enthusiasm, and when it comes with quality training, he learns the much-needed basics of the individual's game activities and develops his talent. Dan not only "teaches" football, but also diligence, concentration, the ability to overcome oneself, overcoming obstacles, having fun in sports, being aware of and being responsible. I consider Dana to be a qualified coach who prepares and organizes everything. I would like to thank him for his patience and cooperation, which is very time consuming. He takes care of the boys and supports them. I can see in Matěj that he is not only moving on the football side.

My son Ondřej, led by Dan Novotný from the academy, took a big step forward in fulfilling his dream of football. He gets precise preparation, a great system that Ondra enjoys, and he feels better. Keep it up!

We are happy to answer any question.


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